Ye Olde Plogge website (2003-2014) is dead.  Long live the new Plogg website!

What is this thing called Plogg?

A fan of Marvel and DC comics of the '60s and '70s, I've been drawing my own comics since I was in diapers, so I've amassed more material than you, a relatively sane member of society, would ever want to read.

PLOGG is also a small press comic, made from real trees, of which there have been 6 issues so far. Copies are still available. They're 8 1/2" x 11", b&w, and loaded with laffs!  Some of the comics and images on this site have appeared in past issues of PLOGG, but it's not very comfortable lying in bed with a 27-inch computer monitor on your chest, so, if you like what you see here, then get the much superior papyrus version from the address below.


No. 1 (August 1994) featuring May the Hyperborean in her first comic book story, ingeniously titled "May".  (20 pgs.)  No longer available in Upper Canada, Lower Canada, or Rupert's Land.

No. 3 (October 1998) Featuring Sarva in "The Dude"; "Horror At Pinocchio's House"; Steve Gerber bio, Part 1; Supermangle, and other junk.  (24 pgs.)  5 smackeroonies (Canadian or American, I don't care); price includes postage.

No. 5 (May 2007) Sarva returns in "The Usual Gang of Idiots!"  Plus more stuff above and beyond the call of insanity!  (24 pgs.)  $5.00 (I don't care if your coin is stamped with a beaver or an eagle -- just send it in); price includes postage, which is through the roof.


No. 2 (October 1997) featuring Sarva in her first comic book story, "The Insult That Made a Killer Out of Sarva", which was serialized in a magazine in the States a few months later -- and then cancelled when they came to their senses! (24 pgs.) No longer available, except to lonely Voyageurs.

No. 4 (November 2001) Featuring Sarva in "Funk Rage" (a parody of Luke Cage); plus much, much less!  (20 pgs.)  $5.00 (loonies, toonies or presidents -- what do I care?); price includes postage.

(March 2015)
PLOGG No. 6 featuring May the Hyperborean in "The Pied Pirate of Hallowe'en", a 24-page story with fun, laughs, thrills and other things you don't find in comics anymore.  Four bucks in person and it's yours.  $5.00 in Canada and $6.00 to the U.S. will get you a copy through the mail.  Price includes evil postage.  I know, right?

I just got off the phone with the guys at DC comics
and they said it's okay if you want to buy an issue of Plogg
this month instead of Batman, so you can contact me at:

plogg2 (at)

(Go ahead -- be a sucker!  Buy a copy of Plogg
even though most of the material is available for free
on this website.)

Other sites of interest (or not) that I'm (ir)responsible for:

The Gerber Curse, in which Steve Gerber practically tells his own story from beyond the grave.  (Scared?)

Jungle Frolics, a blog with no rhyme or reason.  For instance, there's An Illustrated History of Heidi Saha; Nelvana, Canada's Answer To a Lack of Superheroes; La Reina de la Costa Negra, the Mexican Conan comic of the '50s and '60s; Weird Tales cover artist Margaret Brundage, the Frank Frazetta of the 1930s; Tomboy, the Hit-Girl of the 1950s; Acquanetta; Marie Severin; Lewis Carroll vs. Mrs Grundy; Little Orphan Annie; Little Annie Roonie; Mary Marvel, the World's Most Pugilistic Girl!; Die Kleine Cornelia; children's book artist Marjorie Torrey; Girls Read Comics; Liane, Jungle Goddess; Kay Aldridge, Queen of the Serials (remember Nyoka?); go back to the 1920s with Mary Kornman, Queen of Tots; and Let Us Not Forget...the Jolly Entertainers; and a few other knick knacks.

This just in: Check out my other site, The Compleat Cosmo, for lots of violent adventures of an old anti-hero of mine.  There's almost a possibility that you won't regret it!

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