Tomboy (from Captain Flash)
(water colour; 11" x 14"; 2015)

Monster Storm
(pen, brush and ink; October 1982)

Heather and Beast
colour version
(drawing pen, brush and ink, ink wash, water colour; 2009)

Purple Monster
(water colour; 1982

Poe Project
(22" x 28"; pen, brush and ink, water colour; 1981)
illustration for a Grade 12 high school project, mixing Poe and Ray Bradbury's short story, "Usher 2"

(drawing pen, water colour; January 2008)

Cavemen versus Robot
(water colour; February 2008)
a quick parody of cheesy 1950s science fiction movies


Jane's Laboratory
(water colour; 2011)

Mary Marvel
(drawing pen, water colour; 2010)
re-imagined cover from Mary Marvel #14, July 1947; original cover by Jack Binder

Axe Girl
(pen, brush and ink, water colour; c. 1994)

May versus Krampus
(water colour; May 2015

"Put the heart in the bottle..."
(pen and ink, water colour; c. 1990)

a Valentine's post card

School Bus
(6.5" x 9.5"; water colour; November 2016)
"Mary had a little lamb,
Its fleece was white as snow,
And everywhere that Mary went,
The lamb was sure to go.

It followed her to school one day,
That was against the rule,
Because it was so far away,
On the planet Vool!"

Heidi's Punch
(water colour; 2010)

May versus Frosty
(drawing pen, water colour; November 2010)

May versus Werewolf
(pen and ink, water colour; 14" x 20"; 1990)
scene from Chapter 3 of Nightmare in Metal

Wolf Park
(water colour; 2009)

Green Skull
(pencil sketch: 2003; water colour: 2008)

The Robot
(8.5 x 11;  drawing pen, water colour; 2017) a gift for my great(!) niece

(Folding card, each image 6.5" x 9.5"; drawing pen, water colour; 2019

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